About Us

About our Season.

We currently present five concerts per year; this is split into Fall (September to end of November) and Spring Season (February to early May). We present a wide variety of professional entertainers from all genres at affordable rates for the enjoyment of the public.


Bragg Creek Performing Arts was formed as a group in 1980. Our first performance (a musical play), was presented with a rented stage in a large tent pitched over the hockey rink in Bragg Creek. In 1981 we moved to a stronger structure; Elkana Ranch, to present our concerts on a Thursday evening. As we were allowed to use their barn for free, ticket prices were a reasonable $12. At this point we built our own stage; nicknamed “The Beast”, that is still in use during Bragg Creek Days and as a thrust stage for a few of our performances. It is known as the beast not only because it is very heavy, but also because it has survived fire and floods.

In the late 80’s we moved to the newly built Elbow Hall aka Bragg Creek Community Centre, where we began accumulating sound and light equipment along with a major necessity; chairs.

Tragedy struck in early September 1998 when Elbow Hall burnt to the ground! Our first concert of the next season was to feature George Fox, scheduled for only ten days after the fire. Banded Peak school came to our rescue by offering us the use of their gymnasium, where we continued to present our concerts for the next two years. That was two years of hauling everything it takes to present a concert (the stage, chairs, sound & light equipment), to and from storage.

In Early 2001 we moved into the newly built, and present Community Centre. During our first concert we discovered that the quality of the accoustics were less than ideal, to say the least. The solution was to add sound treatment panels to the ceiling and upper walls. Having invested in the accoustic treatment panels, more lighting, and up to date sound equipment, we now have a performance space with a good reputation based on opinions expressed by both artists and audience members alike.

Bragg Creek Performing Arts Society is a registered not for profit charity run entirely by volunteers.